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WttP S3E04 "Ready, Set, Gogh" [SPOILERS]

Episode writeup by Crimson. Contains Shadowrun Missions spoilers

In the two weeks since the aborted Urban Brawl match, Crimson has stepped up her training as much as her injured ribs allow, before launching herself into an intensive programme aimed at the title rematch.
She is going through some of her forms when Jeffrey Garner rings.

“Crimson. Always a pleasure.”

“Jeffrey.” She acknowledges the Horizon exec “the pleasure’s all mine. What can I do for you today?”

“I have a friend in need of your and your team’s special services. Would you be free to discuss the matter at six tonight at The Gilded Truffle? No need to bring the team.”

“Sure. I will see you at six”

“I will look forward to it.” He hangs up.

Crimson glances at the analogue clock on the wall. Almost two. Just enough time to finish her forms and get ready for dinner at one of the PoBoMet’s foremost restaurants with a MacroCorp executive.
Garner confuses Crimson. It is almost as if she has a school girl crush on him. He is handsome enough, but she does not usually go for men nearly old enough to be her father. It might be the mixture of wealth, influence and his confidence that makes him attractive to her. Irritatingly, he is very hard to read, so she is at a disadvantage when dealing with him. Crimson is not used to this kind of uncertainty and, as a result, Garner manages to throw her off balance regularly, much to her annoyance.

Closing in on six o’clock, she is finally satisfied with her hair and attire, her low-cut blue moonglow dress and matching shawl, and calls for a cab to take her to the gated foothills of the Sandbanks Arcology. The guards at the gate wave the cab through quickly after briefly examining her ID and the car pulls up in front of the Gilded Truffle.

Crimson makes her way past the ornamental water features and gives her name to the maître d’, who shows her to a secluded table where Garner is waiting. He takes Crimson’s shawl and pulls the chair out for her to sit. Garner looks up with what appears to be genuine pleasure.

“Claire. You look lovely.” He takes her hand and kisses it lightly.

Crimson murmurs something she hopes sounds complimentary and sits down on the offered chair. She studies Garner for a moment but gets nothing from his body language. His blue eyes give nothing away and he smiles when he catches her looking. Crimson looks away and hopes she is not blushing too much.

“You said something about a job.” She says, trying to get herself in to her comfort zone.

“Plenty of time for that” Garner replies with a smile, waves a waiter over and orders wine from the bottom of the list.
“Truth be told, there’s not much to discuss and I took the opportunity to see you in person again. I hope you’ll forgive the pretence.”

Crimson is almost sure his eyes flicker down from her face and leans back a bit in her chair “Absolutely. These get-togethers are most enjoyable” she relaxes a little bit, thinking she has his motives figured out. What she is less sure about is what her answer will be. If things were progressing less well with Scott, she would have little qualms if it helped her ties to a man of considerable influence.
Luckily, she does not have to decide as Garner throws her another curve ball by sticking to small talk and eyeing her over a bit.

“The job then” he says when the coffees arrive after the meal “Simple really. A friend of mine would like an item obtained and delivered to him. If you are interested, you and your team are to meet him at the Marquis, tomorrow at ten.”

“That sounds simple enough, depending on the details. We will meet with him and I’m sure we can come to some kind of arrangement.”

“Excellent.” With the talk of business out of the way he returns to small talk for the remainder of the evening. Finally, he escorts her outside, calls a car. “Thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable evening, Claire” he says, kissing her hand again and opens the cab door for her.

“I’m the one who needs to thank you” Crimson replies “it was a lovely evening.”

She gets into the car, happy at having negotiated another confusing meeting with Garner, but he is not done.
“We should do this again sometime” he suggests, closing the car door.

Crimson nods and waves, thoroughly confused and irritated at the man as the taxi pulls away to take her home.
On the way, she calls the rest of the team and gets Jeff, Koh and Shandor. Milo is not answering and all she gets form Arthur is an image she hopes to scrub from her memory as his link answers while he is busy with his ladyfriend. Crimson hurriedly cuts that connection, Shandor merely laughs and Koh is making noises as if she is about to be sick.
Crimson fills them in what little she knows about the job.

“The Marquis?” Koh asks “What’s that?”

“It’s a night club in Sandbanks. Not the Arcology, but plenty swanky anyway. It’s got a dress code, so unless you want to be thrown out a suit or a dress please.” Crimson tells her cousin.

“A dress? Can I have a look through your wardrobe? Don’t think I own anything suitable.”

“No problem. The usual fee applies. Not sure I’ve got anything you can squeeze your fat ass into, though.” Crimson says with a wink. Koh groans when she remembers the money she owes.

“You guys ok with that?” she asks Jeff and Shandor.

Jeff only gives her one of his ‘I know what I’m doing looks’ while Shandor seems to think about it before nodding. “I’ll come up with something. You want picking up on the way?” the orc asks.

“Yes, thanks. I’ll catch you guys later” Crimson says and hangs up.

She has to rearrange her training for the day to allow for the change of plans and for Koh’s dress fitting.
After a “I could live for a year off what you’ve got in here” Koh settles on a green number with lots of buttons and high neck in a pseudo Chinese style.

Crimson looks her over. “You look almost pretty in that. It also nearly hides you big butt” she teases her cousin again.

“Will you lay off the big ass jokes already” Koh demands.

Crimson pretends to think about it “Alr… No, I don’t think so.”

Before this can escalate further, Shandor makes her presence known by blowing her car’s horn repeatedly.
The elves head down and into the cruiser. Shandor really has made an effort, without compromising manoeuvrability, Crimson notes looking at the slits down the side of the gunslinger’s dress.
At the gates, there is a short holdup as the guards scrutinise Koh’s ID closely, but let the car pass eventually.

“If this identity-hopping comes back to bite us collectively, I will kick your big ass into next week” Crimson tells Koh.

Koh mumbles something under her breath that Crimson does not quite catch. Shandor pulls the car up near the Marquis and the three girls hook up with Jeff who is waiting nearby. Crimson has been to the Marquis a few times and greets the two orc bouncers familiarly. They nod politely, then look the other three over. Koh and Jeff get a curt nod, Shandor a nod and a bit of a leer when she gives them her sweetest smile, exposing her polished fangs.

Inside, they tell the snooty maître d’ “Johnson party” and he leads them upstairs from where the neoTech beat emanates. The dancefloor is already busy, even at this early hour as the man leads the runners to a booth on the edge of the dancefloor where a man is sitting with several very attractive women around him and five black-suited men placed discreetly but noticeably nearby.
He waves the women away. They give the runners a look and leave giggling to themselves. The man, Johnson, motions for them to sit and Crimson examines him. Very expensive suit, spoiled slightly by the huge-brimmed hat, which screamed ‘pimp hat‘. They sit and the man leans over shouting over the music “Sorry about this, but I like doing business in a public place. Let me fix you up.”

Commlinks ping with invitations to a closed conversation.
“Now then, that’s better” Johnson says through their earbuds. “I understand you are interested in the extraction job I have in mind.”

Nods all round.
“Superb. I would like you to retrieve an item, undamaged and alive and deliver it to a location I will specify. More details when you accept this job. Thank you my dear” he says to another attractive woman bringing him a drink containing fruit, stirrers and a pink umbrella. “What do you say?” he turns back to the runners, mostly Crimson.

She looks briefly at the other three, who all nod “You got yourself a team, Mr Johnson” she tells him “What is the item you would like us to retrieve?”

“The Starry Night, currently on loan to the PoBoMet from the MoMA.”

Crimson looks confused.

“It’s a piece of modern art. Kind of a tank of gen engineered fish that looks like van Gogh’s painting” Jeff supplies.

“Very good” Johnson says “it will be in town until the end of the week, so time is of the essence.”

“How big a tank a we talking here?” Koh asks.

“About 90 by 70 by 20 centimetres, give or take” Johnson shrugs.

“About 150 kilos of water, plus tank.” Jeff calculates “Pretty heavy but we should manage” he looks at Crimson and Shandor.

“Ok. Let’s talk payment” Crimson says.

“9,000 nuquid apiece, of which 2,000 in advance, if you deliver the item intact to the specified location in the specified time.”

“How about an early completion bonus, since you seem to be in a hurry” Crimson leans forward to give Johnson a good view of her cleavage.

He takes a good look as he thinks it over “I’ll pay you a bonus of 5,000 nuquid each if I receive the item within two days.”

Crimson sits back “Deal.”

“Very good. I look forward to hearing from you. Now, if you will excuse me, I have other business to attend to…” he dismisses the runners and waves the three women back.

The two elves and two orcs make their way across the dancefloor to the bar.
“What do we think?” Jeff says over their secure channel. “I’ll get the layout, security details and access to their systems.”

“Nice one. We should probably pay the museum a visit in person tomorrow, as well, get a feel for the place” Shandor suggests.

“Yeah. But maybe not all together. If we drift in one by one it’ll be less suspicious” Koh adds.

“Jesus.” Jeff has just found the admission fee “50 nuquid. Are they nuts? Listen I’ll head home and get on with getting into their systems. I’ll catch you tomorrow.”

Shandor, Koh and Crimson stay for a little while before also going to their respective homes. Crimson is disappointed when she finds out Scott has finished his shift. She really wanted to talk to him.
“He’s not long left” his replacement tells her “should be able to call him before he hits the hay.”

“Thanks.” She says and does exactly that.

“Claire” Scott sounds tired but pleased.

“Hey Scott, sorry to call so late…”

“Don’t worry, I’ve just got home. How are you?”

“I’m good. I was wondering, are you busy tomorrow daytime?”

“Nothing that can’t wait. What have you got in mind?”

“I’m going to the museum of modern art, you know broadening my horizons” she winces at the lie “and I thought, maybe you’d like to come along and we could have lunch at the restaurant?”

“It’s a date” he tells her with that winning smile of his “pick you up a ten?”

“Brilliant. See you later.” She hangs up, has a shower, and goes to bed.

She sleeps well and rises early to get ready in time for Scott’s arrival. She throw on a blouse/skirt combo that she hopes he’ll like goes downstairs. Outside she checks the time. A bit early. Might look to eager. She has little time to fret over this as Scott pulls up only a minute or so later. The car door opens and he leans over to give her a kiss on the cheek after she gets in. “Ready?”

Crimson nods, smiling. They talk little on the drive, but Crimson does not feel uncomfortable with the silence and if Scott does, he hides it well.

“I don’t come here often enough” he says as they walk up the wide open steps to the glass-fronted museum “too expensive.”

“This’ll be my treat” Crimson tells him as she pays the admission and takes the coated Perspex sheets that allow the user limited views into the astral needed to properly appreciate many of the works in the museum.

Scott offers his arm, which she gladly accepts, rests her head on his shoulder and allows him to lead through the museum.

“Ummm… you do know we’re here on business?” Koh tells her over the bud in her ear “are you turning this into a date?”

“I know what I’m doing. Looks even less suspicious now, right?” she mumbles into the subvocal mike.

“Sorry?” Scott says.

“Nothing. I mean, anything you’d like to see first?”

“Wouldn’t mind having a look at the Starry Night. It’s only here for a short while.”

Crimson makes a show of looking at the information board. “It’s on fifth” which she knows full well. Jeff found that out and sent the information over. She leads Scott to the escalator, while keeping an eye on the security personnel and drones.

“There’s a bound spirit on the ground floor” Shandor’s voice says. That picture that looks like the Scream.”

“That’ll make things harder.” Koh’s voice.

On the fifth floor, Crimson spots another spirit, this one a statue of a man made of shards of stained glass. She informs the others as she walks over to the Starry Night tank.
“You know that this is a view from the north window of the asylum where van Gogh spent time after one of his breakdowns?” Scott says as they examine the glowing fish in the tank.
Crimson looks at him in surprise.

“I studied art for a while” he says blushing “do a bit of painting now and again. I’m not very good though.” He adds hastily.

“I’m sure that’s not true” Crimson tries to assure him, liking the hidden depths to the young elf. Most of the guys she has dated are pretty shallow, a bit like her, she admits to herself.
“You can give me the tour then” she suggests.

“It’ll be my pleasure” he says and offers his arm again. Instead of taking it, Crimson slips her arm around his waist and put his around her shoulder.
“All ready to go” she tells the surprised security guard, who recovers his composure and leads her on a tour of the museum.

He knows a bit about most of the pieces and Crimson finds herself listening with genuine interest, not just because she likes the sound of his voice. That too, though.
At midday, they sit down for lunch in the restaurant and share some more comfortable silence, before leaving the museum.
“Do you need a ride home?” Scott offers.

“Thanks, but I’m meeting my cousin in a bit” not entirely a lie “thank you so much for a lovely morning.” She reaches up and draws him towards her to give him a less chaste kiss than the one after the meal at the Greek restaurant.

“Thanks again. Call me. Or I’ll call you. See you soon, anyway” she says after letting go of him.

“See you, Claire.” That lovely smile again. He turns, walks down the stairs and waves from the bottom.

Crimson reluctantly watches him go, then turns, only to nearly run into Koh and Shandor.

“Can we get on with the job?” Koh asks testily. Shandor only grins. Crimson’s relationships are a source of amusement to her, for some reason.

“I guess” Crimson says, disappointed “so we got two spirits and as far as I could see four guards on each floor.”

“Not bad, considering how distracted you were” Shandor grins again “missed the blimp drones though going up and down the main stairwell.”

“They’re programmed to patrol the floors at night, in addition to the guards” Jeff cuts in through their commlinks “they’ve also got a mage on duty, day and night.”

“Those spirits are going to be a major pain in the ass” Koh says “especially the one on the ground floor opposite the entrance. He’ll spot a group of adepts coming in a mile off.”

“So we don’t go in on the ground floor.” Crimson points out “we climb up the outside, there is roof access, right Jeff?”

“Sure is. Maglocked but won’t be a problem once I’m in to their system.”

“We climb up, go in through the roof access, avoid or spoof the camera feeds, avoid the guards, or take care of them if we can’t, load the tank on to a dolly…”

“But how are we going to get that thing down past the spirit?” Koh wants to know.

“Getting to that. Wheel the dolly to the roof access and make our way down to the street using the window cleaning lift they must have, judging from that rail on the roof there.” She points to the top of the building.

Koh and Shandor look up, then back at her. It is her turn to grin “I had a hot elf on my arm, what’s your excuse for being distracted?”

“Have they got a window cleaning lift?” Koh asks Jeff.

“Hang on… yeah in a storage closet on the top floor. Maglocked again, but no probs.”

“What about lifting capacity?”

“About 500 Ks.”

“That’ll be enough for the tank, Shandor and me” Crimson says “we’ll have to get your ass down another way.”

Koh looks like she might have a swing at her cousin, then decides against it “That leaves three more details; the mage, but I can take care of him on his way to work and send a message that his car’s broken down or something, the fact that we’ll be descending a glass building…”

“No worries” Jeff puts in “I’ll polarise all the windows and make ‘em think it’s a glitch in the system”

“Fine. Three: our getaway.”

“We’ll do what we always do: steal a van” Crimson tells her “do I have to think of everything?” she adds with a grin “we can make the rest up as we go along. Over-elaborate plans have a tendency to blow up spectacularly anyway.

With no more planning to do, they depart, Crimson thinking over her next moves with Scott. Planning a heist was so much easier. She has no big ideas when the time for meeting Shandor to steal a van comes around.

She dons her ruthenium polymer coated battle dress and meets the orc gunslinger not far from the museum. They do not have to look for long when they find a decorator’s van parked in an alley and manage to get it started with little difficulty. Shandor drives it round the back of the museum where they wait for Koh. They do not have to wait long when Crimson’s cousin sneaks round the corner, also clad in ruthenium.

“Mage is out” she says “he won’t be missed for at least an hour. Let’s do this. Jeff, you in the secure system yet” she pulls out a grapple gun.

“Of course. I’ve set up a feed so we can listen in on the guards’ chatter. Don’t seem to have a set check-in pattern or anything, just talking. Have a listen.”

Crimson switches on the audio feed “get up to much lately?” one of the guards is asking.

“Went to the Urban Brawl tryouts the other week.” Another says.

“Heard about that. Bunch of morons crashed it and now the mayor’s suing the league?”

“That’s it. Got a painted figurine of this hot elf chick. Once the league’s back, I reckon it’ll be worth a fortune.”

“Yeah, right. 50p maybe…”

Crimson turns down the feed, smiling and looks critically at Koh’s grapple gun “That heavy duty wire on that?” she asks.

“No regular, why?”

“Just thought you’d want reinforced to haul your ass up there.”

“Bicker later” Shandor says, but she is suppressing a laugh.

Muttering, Koh fires the grapple on to the roof and tugs on the line to secure it. Shandor shoots up the line, Crimson following closely, they leave Koh behind. When she finally makes it she waves a finger at Crimson “No comment about my behind.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it. Jeff, could you open the door for us please?”

In reply, the maglock clicks open and they enter the silent museum. The door closes behind them.

“Where’s the supply cupboard?” Crimson asks Jeff.

“Third on your right, door’s unlocked.”

It only takes a few minutes for them to locate the window cleaning platform, to deploy it on the rail outside and steal a small wheeled dolly.
With Jeff’s help and a real-time overlay of the guards’ positions and orientation of the cameras, they make it easily to the room with Starry Night, the only tense moment when a guard appears to hear Shandor as she stubs her toe, then decides he had not heard anything after all.
Shandor and Crimson lift the Tank on to the dolly after Jeff has disabled the alarms and they return the way they came as fast as possible, evading guards and cameras.
On the roof, they load the tank on to the lift and are about to descend when Jeff polarises all the windows in the museum. Some confused chatter by the guards is followed by a “Where’s the fish tank” and a “Oh shit we’re being robbed” when they are halfway down.

Luckily, by the time a response is mustered, the tank is safely in the van and well on its way to the address Johnson provided.
Johnson is waiting with his heavies and a man with a doctor’s bag by a van. The man with the bag produces several instruments with which he inspects the tank after Shandor wheels it to the other van.
Two minutes of probing later, he gives Johnson the thumbs up. Johnson turns to the runners “Well done. Here is your payment” he produces four credsticks, gets into his car and leaves with the van in convoy.

“That went well” Crimson observes “time for us to split”.

The three women head off in different directions. Crimson has not walked half a mile when a message comes through from Shandor “Got a car tailing me, says they have our next job. Would appreciate some backup.”

“You got it” Crimson tells her and Koh also confirms.

The location given is a car park, where Crimson sees Shandor, as well as a group of suited men surrounding a man in a fine-cut suit and a man in mirror shades. She looks through the coated sheet she still has from the visit to the museum. The mirror shaded man blazes brightly in the astral. Spirit, Crimson reckons. The group make no hostile moves. The man in charge beckons for Crimson and Koh to join them. Crimson looks at her cousin who shrugs and they walk over together.
One of the goons deploys a white noise generator.

The man in the elegant suit starts to talk “I am most impressed by your skills. That last heist was most expertly executed. Horizon has need of your services.”

At the name of the corporation, Crimson feels her heart sink. Horizon deals with them through Garner. This is no ordinary deal.
“What would you like us to do?” she asks cautiously.

“Mr Johnson, now in possession of a very valuable fish tank is getting too big for his shoes. We would like to have him taken down a peg or two. The best way of doing that is to hit his collection, which is his pride and joy.”

Crimson swears under her breath “You’re re going to get us to steal the tank back?”

The man raises an eyebrow “Very astute. In addition you will retrieve two further pieces from his collection” he names two artworks Crimson has never heard of but is sure would mean something to Scott “The Starry Night you will return to the museum, the other two you can dispose of as you like. As you are probably aware, Mr Johnson has a suite in the Arcology.”

Koh swallows hard.

“He will not return there for several hours, I expect to hear of your success from my security detail there before he does.”

“And how much does this pay?” Crimson asks.

“I’m glad you asked” the man produces a small holoprojector. The images show the runners handing over the Starry Night tank to Johnson. “I am sure you understand the implications of not carrying the job out to my specifications?”

Crimson nods silently.

“Capital” the man says with irritating cheer “I will hear from you soon.”

“One thing. When you said ‘my security detail’ does that mean Arcology security know we’re coming and will stay out of the way?” Crimson asks.

“Let’s say that requests for assistance will be substantially delayed. I have arranged for access to the Arcology for you.” He makes a show of checking his watch. “I suggest you get going.”

Crimson decides she dislikes this man.

Part Two --

The Horizon security man motions his team into the cars and they depart, leaving Crimson, Koh and Shandor looking at each other a bit dejectedly.
“What now?” Shandor asks.

“Don’t have much choice” Crimson tells the orc “we go in there, swipe the art, return Starry Night and hand the other two pieces over to the Henderton Clinic.”

“How’s about we get Arthur and Milo another try” Koh puts in “having someone who can turn things invisible and summon spirits could be useful. Might be worth you getting over here as well” she adds to Jeff “could be we need you to interface directly.”

Their hacker agrees to be over as quickly as he can and Koh contacts the mages who both do the same.
“They’re on their way” she tells the other two.

“Let’s meet them at the gate then” Crimson says and the three women start off in the direction of the Arcology.

Jeff arrives first, followed shortly by Milo, who simply nods at them. Arthur arrives a little later. “Sorry I’ve not been in contact, I’ve been a bit busy with my new flame” he grins “Gather you’ve been busy with whatshisname. Scitt? Can’t wait to meet him” he adds to Crimson who tries her best to pretend she can’t hear him and fails.

He raises an eyebrow “Now I definitely can’t wait to meet him. I’ve not seen that look on your face before when we’re talking about one of your boys.”

“The matter at hand” Crimson tries to deflect him.

“Oh yeah. Can’t believe you got yourselves caught on camera. Schoolboy error.”

Crimson is inclined to agree.
“What’s the plan then?” Arthur asks.

“I figured since we’ve got access, we go up there, take out whatever security they have and wheel the artworks out of there.” Crimson suggests.

“Simple and to the point” he approves “That’s what I like about you. Well that and…” he makes some curvy gestures with his hands.

“Yeah simple alright” Koh interrupts with a meaningful glance at Crimson “why don’t we get a floor plan of his penthouse and work out a plan from there?”

“Because those aren’t in the public domain and hacking in to the Arcology security is going to be difficult, even for Jeff, and we don’t want to tip them off before we need to” Crimson objects.

“Maybe” Jeff interrupts the budding argument “maybe we could get Mr. Horizon Security I Like To Take Hidden Footage to send one over?”

The elves look at each other with a “this isn’t over” look and Crimson phones the man who promptly sends the requested plan over with a reminder that the runners had best get going.
Getting in is remarkably simple. The guards are clearly aware they are coming and wave them in after brief scrutiny of their credentials and the lift to Johnson’s penthouse is easily located.
As the door opens into the apartment, Crimson spots a guard lounging in a chair and launches herself at him, grabbing him in a headlock before he has time to even stand up.

“Get to the security centre” she hisses at the others as the man loses consciousness and she lowers him gently back down into the chair. Koh runs in the direction of the office and Crimson hears a thud as another unconscious body hits the floor.

Then the alarms go off “INTERRUPTION IN VITAL SIGNS DETECTED” a voice informs everyone within half a mile.
Thankfully, Jeff quickly located the override on the security console and cancels the alarm.

“Well that was easy” he remarks “Where are the artworks?”

“In here” Koh has located the trophy room.

“How are we going to get these out of here?” Arthur asks.

“How about I summon a spirit of air? It can carry and conceal them on the way out” Milo suggests.

“Sounds good” Crimson tells him “might have to summon it in the emergency stairwell though. Pretty sure this whole place will be warded.”

“Hang on a sec” the PI says and has a brief look in the astral “you’re right. Wards all round but we’ll be fine if we can get these to the stairs.”

“Right let’s look for something we can use to wheel that tank out of here.”

After a brief search, during which each of the runners manages to pocket some small valuables, Crimson finds Johnson’s wardrobe. It is almost as big as her apartment and contains wheeled clothesracks. She presses two of these into service and lifts the tank onto it with Milo’s help.

“That’s the stupidest thing I’ve seen in a while” Koh remarks.

“It works doesn’t it? Let’s get out of here” Crimson says and starts wheeling the artworks towards the stairwell, where Milo has summoned an air spirit which has agreed to carry and conceal the artwork as far as their stolen van.

They reach the foot of the stairwell where Jeff disables the alarm on the fire door and they emerge into the fresh night air.
A janitor, leaning against a wall, smoking looks at them quizzically.
“Stag do. We’re the entertainment” Crimson explains shortly.
The man shrugs. He has seen stranger things in the Arcology.

The artworks safely stowed in the van they debate how to replace the Starry Night.
“We put it back without anyone noticing” is Koh’s idea.

“Or” Crimson counters “we just walk up to the front door, say ‘we found this dumped in an alley’ and leave, since the place is going to be swarming with cops.”

“That’s no fun. You know we could do it.”

“Yeah, I do. It’s just not necessary.”

Koh grumbles a bit but agrees “I don’t want anything to do with it, though” she adds.

Crimson rolls her eyes “Fine. We actually ditch it in an alley and I walk up to the museum and lead them back there.”

“Suits me” Milo shrugs.

The others simply nod and they place Starry Night in a nearby alley.

Crimson then walks up to one of the security officers on the cordon around the museum “Excuse me…”

“Yes miss?” the man turns to her.

“I think there’s something you had better see and that gentleman too” she points to a man who appears to be something to do with the museum.

The guard looks at her suspiciously but waves the man over and Crimson leads them to where they left Starry Night.
The suited man draws in his breath as the security officer turns to Crimson “Would you mind explaining how you came across this?” he demands.

“Of course. I was on my way home from the Marquis and took a shortcut through here where I found this” she gestures at the tank “since I was at the museum yesterday with my boyfriend, I knew the museum would like to know.” Crimson says lightly.

“I’m still going to have to ask you to come in for questioning” the guard says, not quite convinced.

“That won’t be necessary” the man in the suit tells him. To Crimson: “Thank you, miss. Have a nice evening.”

“My pleasure” she says and disappears into the PoBoMet.

A day later the news headlines state that a ‘mysterious benefactor’ had donated two valuable pieces of art to a clinic in Turlin Moor, which were auctioned off to raise substantial funds for the clinic, which looks after the SINless of the area.


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