Welcome to the PBMA

Welcome to the Poole-Bournemouth Metropolitan Authority

Situated on the south coast of Dorset, England, the Poole-Bournemouth Metropolitan Authority, variously known as the ‘Poole-Bournemouth Metroplex’ or the ‘PoBoMet’, stretches from the ‘triple town’ area, formerly Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch, to the borders of the New Forest.

  • The PoBoMet was on the verge of swallowing up the withering, anemic New Forest before the Awakening. Nowadays, no developer would dream of trying to set up there. Turns out people take the Forestry Commission a lot more seriously when there’s a few druids on staff..
  • Swampy

The PBMA was founded in 2022 in response to the almost complete merging of the urbanised areas of the South East Dorset conurbation when it became apparent that a single unitary authority would be more efficient in administrating the area than a trio of rival councils.

With some of Britain’s most unspoilt beaches, as well as top-tier transport and Matrix infrastructure, whether you’re taking a break or opening a branch office, the Poole-Bournemouth Metropolitan Authority affords unlimited opportunities.

  • Just remember, folks, most unspoilt is relative.
  • Dweezil


The PBMA is a prime location for any corporate regional headquarters or low-impact1 fabrication facility. As well as a local population of skilled workers, connections to the High Speed Rail Backbone, plus direct full-bandwidth links to MatrixEuropa and the Transatlantic interconnect ensure that your operation need never lack for resources or expertise.

The following international corporations have already successfully opened for business in the PBMA:

Regulus Joint Industries

as well as a vast number of smaller, independent companies and corporate subsidiaries.

(Visitors are advised that, in compliance with the Business Recognition Accords, AAA and AA-ranked entities may claim extraterritoriality and corporate sovereignty on any facilities. In these areas, corporate security forces have jurisdiction and corporate law is in effect. Such facilities will be clearly marked with both visual and AR indicators.)

1 Category 1, 2 or 3 facilities, as defined in the Factories (Environmental Impact) Act, are permitted within the PBMA, with special licensing for category 4 facilities available under negotiation.

Welcome to the PBMA

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