Public and Private Services in the PBMA

Law Enforcement

In the majority of the PBMA, policing is carried out by the PBMC (Poole-Bournemouth Metropolitan Constabulary) which is funded by taxation. The PBMC occasionally contracts specific site security and investigation tasks to private contractors. PBMC presence varies throughout the city; strongest in the Tri-Town area, and almost entirely absent in the Barrens, except when in ‘hot pursuit’. Sandbanks has its own private police force (with fairly strong co-operation with the PBMC) and corporate extraterritorial areas are similarly policed by their own security forces.


UK citizens, and foreign nationals of Lille Treaty nations, are entitled to medical care under the NHS, which covers emergency procedures, preventative treatment and quality-of-life care, and is free at the point of use.

Care is severely limited for unregistered individuals. Emergency care is guaranteed, but charges may be levied on a means-tested basis. Public health initiatives also provide somewhat subsidised treatments for contagious diseases as an epidemic prevention measure.

NHS ambulances will not usually venture into the Barrens, nor will they intervene in combat situations.

There are a large number of private healthcare providers operating within the PBMA, with varying levels of provision.

High Threat Response

DocWagon and Careline both provide high threat response medical evacuation services in the PBMA (and across the UK) on a subscription basis.


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