Since the peaceful revolution of 2071, the laws of the United Kingdom have been in a somewhat confused state. Many laws have been rolled back to their state prior to the creation of the Office of the Lord Protector, although this has been somewhat piecemeal and many interesting contradictions have developed. Squatting atop the whole edifice is the 5000lb gorilla of the Business Recognition Accords, which allow the biggest corps almost carte blanche on their own territory.

A few items of legislation that may prove relevant to runners:

Firearms (Amendment) (No. 4) Act 2017

Despite continued agitation, the United Kingdom’s firearm laws – at least with regard to the general public – have remained unchanged since the early 21st century. Though it is technically possible to obtain a licence to carry a firearm, these are so rarely granted as to be practically unavailable. However, as a side effect of the Business Recognition Accords, corporations holding extraterritorial jurisdiction may enact their own laws on firearm possession. The interaction between these and national firearm laws have kept solicitors well-paid for some time.

Neural Interfaces Act 2034, Matrix Misuse Act 2035

These Acts formalised the regulations that had been developing since the development of direct neural interface techniques and the rise of the Matrix. As well as mandating certain acceptable ranges for biofeedback, the NIA regulated the availability of Hot Sim-enabled simsense equipment (illegal for direct sale, and any modifications to remove safeguards are, at least legally, to be logged).

The MMA created specific legislation relating to hacking on Matrix sites, and the software which enables it. The only software to be outright illegal is that which directly induces biofeedback. The Act also attempted to require registration of any software "which may be used to perpetrate the unauthorised access of

Magical Practitioners (Licensing and Registration) Act 2027

This law requires that all citizens (that is, all individuals possessing a legal SIN) possessing or developing magical abilities must notify the authorities ‘in a timely fashion’. Initial drafts of the legislation also required registered Awakened to submit DNA samples, but even the sycophantic Parliament of the late 20s felt that handing government the ability to fry the brains of presumably innocent people without warning was a bit much. Magicians or adepts convicted of a crime, however, can expect no such leeway.

  • And of course, if DNA evidence is used to clear you of an accusation, it’ll be destroyed, right guys? Right?
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