An average looking androgynous human with slender features, an unremarkable but smooth skinned face, brown hair and eyes. Although frankly she changes her features, hair and eye-colour so often that it's easy to lose track.


About 1.59M tall Koh has brown eyes and a slim build.
She normally dresses in an Urban Explorer Jumpsuit, whose logos and patterns sometimes change.
Other than that her appearance is entirely fluid, her face and skin-tone changing from one day to the next. Often she suppresses the appearance of her elven heritage, but other times she lets it show through.


Koh is Crimson’s younger cousin, born as Alex O’Malley.

When Crimson awakened and gained wealth and fame, Koh still called herself Alex and was still stuck in the dead ends of the Moor.

Both Claire and Alex’s parents died around the time of the Crash 2.0. Alex lost her parents in 2059 when corporate security forces ruthlessly evicted people from the Moor, her mother got a serious head injury from a collapsible baton and was unable to reach a hospital in time due to a security cordon, then Claire’s parents died later in the crash its self leaving Alex reliant on

I was thinking that Alex’s and Claire’s parents were siblings who stayed close for mutual protection, being elves in the Turlin Moor was not very healthy unless you could handle yourself. So Alex wasn’t quite as close to Claire and Jessica as they were to each other, but she often snuck off to hang around with them, being the youngest of the three, she felt a little excluded from their daily life. Often when being introduced she would be overlooked by older gang members who didn’t bother remembering her name, so they were introduced once or twice as “Claire, Jessica and Co”

She looked up to Jessica much like Claire did to begin with, but as she stayed in the Moor longer than Claire, she was more exposed to the abusive boyfriends and tried to stand up for Jessica once or twice, before her awakening and got badly knocked about for her trouble. Then when when Crimson/Claire hit it big, Alex was in a low spot and saw Claire doing impossibly well and that’s when the envy started and she grew overly defensive about herself.

She tried to get a decent education but could never afford it, but Crimson’s success awakened a huge spike of jealousy inside her.

Looked outside Turlin Moor for wealth and started training relentlessly, finding she had a knack for sneaking and B&E, but it was never enough money to reliably leave. She did some corporate work for several groups including Saeder-Krupp and Transys NeuroNet. Over time her practice paid off, her skill with darts and knives seemed to increase exponentially, she could lie and command as if she had a forked tongue and her face became a canvas on which she could write an identity, her envy had triggered the passion needed for her to awaken and she trained rigorously to perfect her abilities.

Where Crimson was obvious and straight forward, Koh took the opposite path, being sneaky and duplicitous. She went by the handle “Koh” after a nickname she had acquired in childhood when hanging around with Crimson. They were often introduced as “Claire, Jessica and Co.” so she took the the name as a badge of pride and earned some money to buy the tools she needed.

She got in debt with the local Mob, but she managed to keep up payments until she was out from under their shadow.

Religiously she is actually a firm lay-druid and enjoys a religion in which she gets to play the roles from myth and join in with a group. Her favourite being references to Loki in Norse myth, whom she identifies with against a more charming and successful sibling (Thor/Crimson)

Koh has several Aliases:

Real Name:
Alex O’Malley – A name she was born with but seldom uses for fear that it might lead back to members of her biological family.

Street Name:
Koh the Face Eater – Which comes from a combination of a childhood nickname (as above) and her modus operandi of abducting and impersonating a target in order to gain high level access to places.

Vory-purchased Fake SIN:
Karen Whitaker – A Transys NeuroNet Security freelancer.

Assumed identity:
Kiera Ferguson –
An unfortunate victim of an attack by a vampiric cult. Missing presumed dead. Thankfully for Koh she was about the right age and build and had brown eyes that were not too dissimilar to her own. Kiera was a human about 21 years old who was on a gap year. She had friends and family mostly from London Sprawl, so regular visits would not be too much of a problem.

Koh started assuming the identity with a blog post lashing out at all her friends and family who made so little effort to save her and detailed the trauma of abduction, adding that she would make something of her life now and show everybody what a mistake it had been to give up on her.

So she’s signed up to a university course at the BoPoMet University campus that stretches from Landsdown to Talbot Heath with its inexplicably tall buildings. Where she will Study Matrix and Security systems.

She’s found some student digs with a Saeder Krupp corporate princess (Named: Hollie White) who is out of the Archology for the first time in her life also studying Matrix systems. Unfortunately despite it being in a nice part of the student village, the previous tenants were doing their masters and appear to have left behind a somewhat obnoxious virtual intelligence, which neither Hollie nor Koh have any idea how to get rid of it.

Likes: Catalogue Shopping, people-watching films and Sports, particularly Darts, Rugby, Urban Brawl and Stickball.
Dislikes: People knowing too much about her, people who abuse positions of trust and by extension anybody who dates her cousins (After dealing with Jessica, she believes anybody interested in her cousins is an evil scumbag, less of an issue with Crimson, because said scum-bags would get punched through walls if they hurt her).


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