Jeffrey Garner

Mr. Johnson


As an executive in charge of deniable assets for Horizon’s local subsidiary, Garner is extremely comfortable in life. He should not really have to leave the Arcology, except to meet with the deniable assets. He is, however, a compulsive gambler, with a penchant for betting on pit fights. As a result he often rubs shoulders with the rest of the masses at the Swan and Tomato, THE premier place for fights in the PoBoMet. It was here that Crimson came to his attention. Not only did he win a large sum of money by backing her when she appeared on the scene, he found her to have a charming personality and a totally professional demeanour, when he tasked her to assemble a team of deniable assets to complete a task of questionable legality. Very satisfied with the results she produced and coming to like her as a fan and on a personal level, Garner continues to shuffle as much work as possible to his favourite runner. (Connections 5/ Loyalty 3)


Horizon is the undisputed king of media companies, and its Contractor Negotiation Operatives are like a quasi-legal blend of A&R man, talent scout, and newspaper editor. Jeff has an idealised (and largely delusionary) view of himself as a kind of shepherd of freelance journalism, and as well as retaining runners, he’s always got an ear to the ground for anything that could be big news.

Jeffrey Garner

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