Frank 'Bones' Merritt

Troll bar/ pit owner


Frank is the owner of the ‘Swan and Tomato’, a bar of ill repute in Boscombe. Nevertheless, it is a popular destination for those who wish to watch or participate in prize fights. The Swan’s most popular fighter at the moment is the elven adept known as Crimson. Frank doesn’t care whether this is for her fights or that many of his punters enjoy watching a young woman work up a sweat; this is Boscombe after all. As long as she draw in the crowds, he is content to help her out now and then, but will drop her like a hot grenade, should this stop. Frank’s handle stems from the fact that he does not have a gun or a bat under his counter to deal with trouble makers, but uses a pair of leg bones from some unidentified creature to cave in skulls. The origin of his establishments odd name, on the other hand, is lost in the mists of time. (Connections 3/ Loyalty 1)


Frank 'Bones' Merritt

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