Jessica Blackland

Crimson's sister


Claire Blackland’s (Crimson) older sister. Physically, the sisters are very similar. Both are a little shorter than the elven average, slender and attractive, with light hair and and bright blue eyes. The main differences are in choice of dress and social circles they move in. Claire is comfortable in most situations. Jess has hardly left Turlin Moor and is a little out of her depth in dealings with anybody from outside. On her own territory, she is a force to be reckoned with, however. She is determined to prove herself, in “making good”, like her younger sister. In truth the only person she needs to prove anything to is herself. A combination of overeagerness, a certain naivety and simple bad luck has so far prevented her from achieving her goal. (Connection 2/ Loyalty 6)


As they were growing up, the Blackland sisters were almost inseperable. Only two years older, Jess appointed herself Claire’s protector. For her part, Claire looked up to her big sister and was only too happy to watch her back, as well. The roles of protector and protected were somewhat changed with Claire’s Awakening and subsequent martial prowess. While not resentful, Jess’ pride was definitely injured as she struggled to come to terms with the new situation. When Claire moved from Turlin Moor, she urged Jess to come with her and make a better life away from the squalor. Jess, howver felt that she could make it on her own and her pride would not allow her to accept this amount of help from her yonger sister. Unfortunately for her, Jess has a tendency to make somewhat poor judgement calls in respect to men, business partners and friends and has found herself in more than one scrape and still remains in the Moor, where she has extensive contacts. Despite their recent differences, both sisters would drop anything at a moment’s notice to help the other out, if the need arose.

Jessica Blackland

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