Arthur McPride

Hard smoking, hard drinking Awakened dwarf - with a Colt Manhunter in one hand and a Lightning Bolt in the other


Arthur McPride – a dwarven Chaos Mage who loved guns, Caribbean League cigars, girls and whiskey in vaguely that order. He originally haled from the Dundee Sprawl, but was now based in Boscombe, PoBoMet – down by the shore line in an area called “Reefer’s Weight” for some forgotten reason.

Life in Reefer’s Weight is fairly simple – you need to grift to stay ahead; and you want to stay ahead. Arthur grifted with what he had – a good eye and trigger finger, a small arsenal of weaponry, a talent for and with ‘tech of all kinds and being handy behind the wheel of most land and water-based craft. But mostly he grifted with his magic – his Awakened link into the Sixth world. Arthur’s connection to this world was, literally, chaotic in nature – he understood, interpreted and manipulated the magical ebb and sway in ever-shifting Mandelbrot Sets and Fractal Nodes.

Arther was a runner – his talents were on offer to the highest bidder, and he could frequently be found at the bar of his local, the Crashed Disc, haggling with the latest in a long line of Mr Johnson’s for this week’s piece of deniable work.

He preferred working as a team in these endeavours – whilst his comrades-in-arms tended to come and go, a couple were regular acquaintances. One in particular was an elven combat adept who liked to work close-up – and with a body like hers, Arthur wasn’t going to complain. Crimson had her rough edges, sure, but she was fun to be around, and very, very easy on the eyes. They had been part of a crew for the last two years – whilst sparks occasionally flew between them, they worked well together. She’d got him his axe – “Bloody Mary” – and he’d helped her with some armour-tech work now and then (which resulted in a slapped face for Arthur; but it was worth it !)

Arthur McPride

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