Professional, charismatic, kicks people through walls.


Most people underestimate or misunderstand Crimson. When talking business, her professional manner is often taken as aloof. Some people can’t look past the pointed ears, elven eyes and the slight lilt of Sperethiel in her English. They are then surprised to find themselves at the sharp end of a deal that they thought they were dictating. Likewise, in a scrap, very few people pay attention to an attractive, slender elven woman. That is, until they are picking themselves out of the splintered wreckage of their chairs and their teeth up off the floor. These are generally impressions that Crimson likes to foster, although they can get irritating, on the occasions when she does let her hair down, to be looked down upon by morons making assumptions based on her race, gender and appearance. On the latter subject, Crimson is an elf and proud of it. Slighly shorter than average for her race, she has a slender build that belies her strength. Blessed with an easy smile and a face that’s easy on the eye, she puts people instantly at ease. Always dressed for the occasion, she favours red in her clothing, be it in a prize fight, an evening dress for a social gathering or her jumpsuit to go jogging in. The only exception to this rule is her grey actioneer business suit, worn when conducting business. When not at home or on social occasions she wears her long hair tied back, out of the way. Her body is a temple, so she takes exceptional care of it by exercising regularly and keeping pollutants out of it. Suffice to say she is a non-smoker, does not partake in recreational drugs and keeps alcohol to a limit of a social drink now and then.


Growing up among the crumbling tenement blocks in the slums of Turlin Moor, Claire Blackland always glanced at the soaring glass and metal shining only a few miles away to the east, the Sandbanks Arcology. Boasting some of the most massive flood defences to keep the feet of the wealthy dry, it was a beacon of hope for the elven girl growing up in some of the worst squalor of the PoBoMet. Determined to leave her old life behind, she used her Awakening to channel magic into herself, making her a most formidable foe in unarmed combat. While useful in keeping the most undesirable elements of the neighbourhood away, this development helped her leave the Moor. At fifteen years of age she entered an all-comers pitfighting tournament, having previously secured several large bets on herself at ridiculous odds. After all, who would suspect a slender elven girl to even get past one round, much less win the tournament? Seven fights and seven surprised but badly beaten opponents later, Claire found herself to be quite a wealthy young woman, even after paying back the large loans she had had to take out with the local mob in order to place the bets. While not enough to secure a place in the luxury of the Sandbanks arcology, her new-found wealth and career meant that she could leave the filth of Turlin Moor behind and settle into a high-class neighbourhood overlooking the harbour. Her new career as a prize-fighter gained her the moniker ‘Crimson’ after the colour of clothing she preferred and the amount blood shed by her hapless opponents. In the ten years since she burst onto the scene, Claire has been at the top of the unarmed fighting leagues or thereabouts. In the meantime, she also worked hard to integrate herself into her new-found surroundings and is today equally at home at high society soirees as she is in the dives of Boscombe. Apart from participating in prize-fighting bouts, Crimson has been employed by various institutions and individuals as hired muscle and in more-than dubious dealings and has established a reputation as a professional runner, who gets the job done and as someone who honours her contracts. One of her fellow runners she frequently works with is one Arthur McPride. Arthur, a dwarven mage based out of Boscombe, is violent, uncouth, socially inept and way too free with his hands. Amazingly, he and Crimson work exceptionally well together. Despite all of his shortcomings, Arthur is very versatile in his skills and good at his job, when he gets his head down and his team-members can make sense of his obscenity-laden Scottish drawl.


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