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The Accountant's Adventure

This episode was played some time in late 2011 – now presented in sketchy Can’t-Really-Remember-o-Vision in preparation for the new season.

The team was hired to secure the services of an accountant – the means selected: blackmail. As the beancounter in question proved implausbly squeaky-clean, they were forced to fabricate ‘evidence’ of malfeasance.

Once he’d been ‘recruited’, the team were further retained to babysit the accountant and prevent him from running to the authorities. Despite laudable efforts on the team’s part, he managed to get a message to the UK’s Serious and Organized Crime Agency, (which, by the time of the setting, had blossomed into a full-fledged FBI-equivalent). More annoying yet, a third party – another local cartel, interested in the secret information the accountant would be privy to – redirected his vehicle to a local parking structure where they planned to take their own custody.

Cue a car-park-rooftop firefight, including grenades, hacked cars and the GM failing to use cover rules properly. The team managed to secure the accountant just as a SOCA strike team inserted into the parking structure, and returned him to their irked, though largely grateful employer, who were pleased that his knowledge hadn’t fallen into the hands of either their rivals or the police.


Harlander Harlander

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