Welcome to the PoBoMet

Project Malachite

Season Finale

As I’ve actually commited to running another season of Welcome to the PoBoMet, I thought I’d write up my faded memories of what happened on the team’s last case.

A contact had noticed something unusual. Recent news reports talked of gang crime on the rise, with shots of armed gangbangers making trouble. The local MP, Cedric Thackery, made pious, solemn noises about the PBMC’s inability to keep up with the rising tide of trouble, and how it may be necessary to contract policing out to private initiatives as has been so successful in the UCAS..

Funny thing about these gangers, they all seemed to be using the same kind of guns. Gotta be something up, right?

They didn’t take him up on his offer of a 50% split of any profits deriving from that information (for some reason) but set about investigating the matter on their own.

A bit of legwork soon indicated that, yes, all the Pobomet gangs had been arming up. Cheap weapons were flooding the black market.

Pursuant to getting hold of some of these guns, the runners rolled over one of the more obnoxious local gangs, the Hitler Stalins. Judiciously applied violence pointed them to a warehouse where the HS purchased their weapons.

A close inspection of guns taken from the gangers indicated they were produced to venerable designs long since passed into the public domain. The ammunition feed mechanisms, however, could be traced quite clearly to a popular brand sold by the PBMA operation of Ares Macrotechnology.

The runners investigated the warehouse. Locked, though lightly secured, it turned out to be empty. The runners left a set of concealed cameras around the building in the hope of catching an ongoing weapons deal, and left.

The warehouse turned out to be owned by a real-estate company, Celdar Properties – owned by one Cedric Thackery MP.

The team’s hacker went to work poking through Thackery’s details, and discovered a number of large payments from an account linked to Ares PBMA – and regular meetings with one Aaron Getty, VP for Ares PBMA. Getty’s name was repeatedly mentioned in regard to a secret initiative, Project Malachite.

The runners managed to eavesdrop on a meeting between Thackery and Getty, gathering some rather incriminating footage regarding Project Malachite – an ongoing attempt to destabilise the PBMA in order that Bulldog Security, the UK subsidiary of Knight-Errant, could obtain the policing contracts for the PoBoMet.

As a politician, Thackery regularly attended public functions. In a fine bit of irony, he was shortly to speak at a local do where the Chief Commissioner of the PBMC would be in attendance.

The team got in touch with a contact at Horizon, who proved very interested in being able to film the arrest of a sitting MP. Disguised as a film crew for the local news, the runners attended the do, and at the critical moment, broadcast the footage of Thackery’s meeting with Getty over the venue’s multimedia system. No sooner had the film finished, but the massed high-ranking police placed Thackery under arrest. The runners even got footage of Ares’ representatives fleeing into their ominous black sedan.

The runners were well paid, and even gave the contact who tipped them off about all this a finder’s fee.


Harlander Harlander

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